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The editors of Chautauqua seek poetry, fiction, and nonfiction addressing significant public and private events through the lens of Invention and Discovery. We’re looking for work that is able to move past nostalgia, political argument, and cynicism to capture the relationship between human curiosity and the world outside the self. Whether the work explores the vastness of modern scientific inquiry, or the depths of our psyche, we want to experience the revelation of a place, the evolution of an idea, or the meaning of an event—past, present, or future.

We welcome work that engages, but is not limited to, such matters as science, the human relationship to machines, exploration, intuition, epiphany, self-discovery, failure, revolution, and re-invention.

Ultimately, we seek work that mirrors the complications of progress in the modern world, the shared experience of continuing to build upon what has come before us, and how we learn what we know.

Chautauqua publishes writing that expresses the values of the Chautauqua Institution, broadly construed: a sense of inquiry into questions of personal, social, political, spiritual, and aesthetic importance—and when, where, and how those values and questions intersect. 

The Chautauqua philosophy has always been that everyday life should integrate leisure, education, fine arts, and spirituality. Educational pursuit and artistic enrichment should not be confined to separate spaces or designated hours. Spirituality is not defined and shared only within sacred walls or books of prayer. The Chautauqua way of life encompasses all of the ways we enrich our lives: learning on vacation, leisure in work, and passion for art and life in all activities. In the pages of Chautauqua, readers will find a season between covers.

Announcing the Chautauqua Editors Prizes

The Chautauqua  Editors Prizes recognize the writing we feel best captures both the issue’s theme and the spirit of the Chautauqua Institution. The first place winner will automatically be nominated for the Pushcart Prize. Prizes of $500/$250/$100 are awarded.  ALL submissions are considered. 

If you are considering submitting to Chautauqua, please consider ordering the current issue or preordering the next issue. You will get a thorough feel for the kind of writing we love—and, clearly, what we publish.

Because we operate in conjunction with the Creative Writing program at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, our reading windows are as follows:

February 15—April 15 (by midnight, PST) 


August 15—November 15 (by midnight, PST).

We publish only one volume a year, at the start of each summer, and the issue has the literal feel and appearance of a high quality book, rather than a magazine or typical literary journal. We take pride in not only our journal's aesthetic but also its content, and we encourage anyone to read a copy if possible before submitting. 

Thank you for your interest, and please do share your work with us!  We look forward to reading your work, and we thank you for allowing us that honor.   

—the editors and staff of Chautauqua

*We are pleased to accept submissions exclusively via Submittable. This portal allows our contributors to submit their work in the most cost-effective way and us to respond in a timely, sustainable, and considerate manner in keeping with the Chautauqua way.

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